Lunabets Crash
Win LFI at a discount.

How it works

The premise of the game is to cash out before the LunaFi rocket explodes.
You can use an 'auto-cash out' feature which will cash out for you once the rocket hits a certain amount of multipliers (Xs), or you can use the 'cash out' button to manually do so too!
Once the round starts, you'll start to see your winnings appreciate in $LFI the longer you hold your nerve as you watch the rocket fly! You'll be able to cash out at any moment and the aim is to do so before the rocket explodes!

Win LFI at a discount to market price

You can play crash with ETH, LFI or ETH-LFI LP from Quickswap. Each token gives a different discount to LFI

When will I be able to withdraw/use the $LFI I win?

Winning $LFI can be withdrawn on the Polygon Blockchain after five days of playing the game.