Making bets on

Here we cover creating an account, depositing & betting

1. Account Creation

Simply attach your wallet (e.g. Metamask or Wallet Connect) to the platform and register your details. Alternatively, you can sign up via a magic link.

2. Depositing Crypto to your wallet

The Lunabets Sportsbook is entirely non-custodial. The platform doesn't hold your funds unless you are using the Casino.
  • Via Moonpay (video tutorial coming soon)
  • Alternatively, you can purchase crypto from a centralized exchange and withdraw / transfer / send to your private wallet address (video tutorial), though this will vary depending on the DEX on which your account is held.

Withdrawing Crypto to Fiat

It is each player's responsibility to make sure they have enough MATIC (Polygon) in their private wallets to pay the low gas fees.
You can convert your winnings into USDC or any other token supported by your chosen DEX. You can make a 'withdrawal' by sending tokens from your LunaFi private wallet address directly to your wallet or Exchange account.
Please make sure you have specified that you are depositing or withdrawing to the Polygon (MATIC) network.