LunaFi Ecosystem

LunaFi is community-operated through protocol owned liquidity
At LunaFi, we give new meaning to the traditional gambling saying of “the house always wins” by allowing users to become the house. Defi staking, farming, and yielding on LunaFi allow anyone to become part of the “house” and take a proportional share of its profits, paid out through decentralized liquidity pools and smart contracts.
We believe that every patron deserves the right to earn from their own bets, regardless of whether they win or lose, fully embracing the new way of thinking that blockchain innovation has produced. Trustless, decentralized betting with guaranteed liquidity and payouts is the future; DeFi gambling offering investors true, real-world utility and profitability. The LunaFi ecosystem is decentralized, governed by community stakeholders, industry experts and project partners. This allows dApps to integrate LunaFi’s gambling infrastructure with transparency, minimal required trust in centralized operators, and with no centralized attack surfaces

Community Treasury


The treasury contract takes a percentage of the expected value of the house edge from Lunabets. This is allocated as follows. This covers the costs of running the platform.


LFI is the platform’s governance token, which gives token-holders the ability to participate in on-chain voting on new pool strategies and other platform decisions. This section outlines how members of the LunaFi community might use their tokens.

Securing the protocol

The primary mechanism for securing the LunaFi Protocol is the incentivization of LFI holders to lock tokens into the LFI Governance Module.
The locked $LFI will be used as a mitigation tool in case of a shortfall event within the House Pools as part of the LunaFi ecosystem. A Shortfall Event occurs when there is a deficit of funds in the House pools.
To contribute to the safety of the protocol and receive incentives, LFI holders will deposit their tokens, in return for a tokenized position that can be freely moved within the network. This token is known as vLFI.
$LFI rewards are subject to a cooldown period where tokens are unclaimable.

Earning $LFI

The House Pools are incentivised for 36 months. You are able to stake your LP tokens from the respective house pools on LunaFi to earn additional yield in $LFI. The allocations and vesting schedules for each pool will be announced closer to IDO.

Bet Mining Rewards

Rather than just reward bets, ‘bet mining’ is an incentive to distribute ownership of the platform to users further to help encourage adoption. LFI can be claimed immediately after each bet on