Lunabets Sportsbook & Casino Betting
By harnessing the power of DeFi and allowing users to place bets on-chain through a fully automated, trustless and non-custodial platform, Lunabets is revolutionizing the sports betting industry. We’re empowering communities to place bets on events, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be paid out in full and on time, every time.
By combining high APY with substantial token emissions, Lunabet's liquidity pool incentivizes users to “become the house” which encourages deep pools of liquidity to fuel betting.
Lunabets gives ownership of its platform directly to its end-users through the governance rights that the native $LFI token endows on holders, and inspires ownership by distributing a percentage of the platform’s profits to token holders as a dividend.
The LunaFi protocol uses oracle data feeds to offer selections and corresponding odds to betting which are sent and matched by the House Pools.

Advantages of

  • Low fees — Trading fees on Polygon are a few pennies at most and betting activity gas fees are paid for by the protocol.
  • No restrictions or suspensions — Lunabets is operated autonomously via smart contracts that have been audited by Hacken, one of the leading cyber security smart contract companies in the world.
  • No centralized middlemen — Distributed technologies and a peerless design fueled by liquidity pools allows LunaFi to operate without gatekeepers that can freeze funds or suspend accounts.
  • Liquidity — Strong liquidity from LunaFi House pools allow users to bet without slippage at fair prices.
  • Daily markets and fast resolution across verticals — LunaFi's oracle provides instant settlement on thousands of daily markets including sports, crypto, politics, racing, and current events.
  • Decentralized and global — smart contracts can be accessed by anyone from anywhere, at any time.
  • Bonus Rewards — Bonus rewards are distributed as $LFI tokens.