Buying & Staking

Staking & Farming
Staking & DEX Farm on app.lunafi.io on Polygon is live. If you don’t own any LFI, purchase LFI using the official links to add liquidity to the DEX or stake LFI on app.lunafi.io

Staking LFI for vLFI

The Staking Pool is a house pool that accepts bets in LFI and serves to secure the protocol. The pool is incentivised with LFI rewards.
  • The cooldown period is 7 days for the LFI House Pool / Safety Module by default.
  • Other house pools don't have a cool-down period by default. After the cooldown period, you have a 7-day window where you can unstake.
  • Other House Pools (USDC, wBTC, and wETH) do not have a cooldown and unstake window activated by default, although this feature can be activated by the staking rewards multisig wallet.
  • Each house pool has a different LFI reward allocation. These rewards are dynamic and can be modified by the staking rewards multi-sig wallet.
  • For transparency: The staking rewards multisig wallet will have access to modify these parameters on-chain,. i.e,. the cooldown period & unstaking period rewards for pools and activating or deactivating cooldown period requirement.