A revolutionary upgrade to traditional betting platforms. In this game, you're the favorite.


Introductory Video
Whether you want to bet or invest in the house, LunaFi has got you covered. LunaFi is a prediction markets protocol where community-owned liquidity pools act as the house and ensure betting payouts, with a portion of house profits paid out to liquidity providers on a dynamic basis.

Mission Statement

All betting platforms are engineered for the house to win, regardless of their patrons success. It's a 5,000-year-old business model, which has previously allowed the bookmaker to maximise profits at the expense of fairness and transparency to many. LunaFi solves this with the use of smart contracts.

Product Outline


LunaFi is a DeFi betting protocol built for mass adoption. LunaFi innovates beyond traditional gambling models and recent blockchain-enabled betting protocols by operating fully decentralized and peerless. Global community-owned liquidity pools act as the house and ensure betting payouts, with a portion of house profits paid back to liquidity providers.
  • House Pools - Accept bets (USDC, ETH, BTC)
  • LFI Safety Module & House Pool - (LFI)
  • DEX Farm - Incentivises ETH/LFI liquidity
Businesses and developers can integrate LunaFis DeFi smart contracts. This allows them to add their own transparent and peerless betting functionality to their dApps.


Lunabets is the first dApp built on the LunaFi protocol. Lunabets is a non-custodial gambling platform, utilizing LunaFi’s smart contracts and liquidity pools to ensure trustless payouts. This functionality ensures immediate settlement through smart contracts, removing all counterparty risk. End users can utilize Lunabets to place bets, knowing their bet is guaranteed to be paid out
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Future Products

In the future, LunaFi aims to become host to many exciting DeFi-powered gambling and gaming products, both as a result of partnerships and collaborations with third-party businesses and developers, and of our own efforts in extending the LunaFi ecosystem.
For further reading on LunaFi’s upcoming product suite, please review our roadmap.
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