A revolutionary upgrade to traditional betting platforms. In this game, you're the favorite.


Introductory Video
LunaFi is the world’s first decentralized DeFi betting platform – In this game you are the favorite.
By harnessing the power of the decentralized technologies, community governance, and autonomous smart contracts — we allow users to securely place peerless bets in a trustless, non-custodial betting platform that is set to revolutionize the global sports betting industry by allowing the player to invest and become the house.
To facilitate this, we provide a complete DeFi platform designed to enable the integration of sports betting and prediction markets, powered by a protocol and community-owned liquidity pool known as a House Pool. This suite can be integrated by developers looking to add peerless betting functionalities to their dApps — the first of which will be LunaFi’s own dApp, Lunabets, a decentralized sports book application.
In turn, these dApps empower individuals and communities with safe and equitable betting experiences, operating on a secure infrastructure layer that is transparent, cannot be influenced by centralized entities, where odds are autonomously optimized in line with the market and all outcomes are verifiable on-chain.

Mission Statement

All betting platforms are engineered so the house wins, regardless of the successes of its patrons. It's a 5,000 year old business model, but until now — this model has been tightly controlled by centralized authorities whose focus is on maximizing profits, often at the expense of fairness and transparency.
In a world where distrust in centralized institutions is on the rise, it is LunaFi's mission to place ownership and power in the hands of the people with a hybrid protocol for DeFi gambling that is driven by user-contributed liquidity, community-owned, and fueled by the $LFI token.

Product Outline


LunaFi is a trustless, borderless, DeFi protocol for sports betting with real utility, targeting mass adoption with guaranteed liquidity. LunaFi innovates beyond traditional gambling models and recent blockchain-enabled betting protocols by operating in a decentralized and peerless way. Global community-owned liquidity pools act as the house and fuel betting payouts, with a portion of house profits paid out to liquidity providers on an ongoing basis.
This unlocks a world of potential DeFi integrations and new products or services that allow investors to deposit and earn a share of profit gathered from betting activities on the platform, and to receive additional rewards in $LFI — the native token of the LunaFi Protocol.
In the LunaFi ecosystem, players, developers, liquidity providers, and users can interact with gambling products in a fair and trustless manner. Businesses and developers can integrate LunaFi’s DeFi technology stack to add their own transparent and peerless betting functionality to their Web 3.0 dApps, plus traditional betting products and services via the LunaFi API.


Lunabets is our first dApp built on the protocol. It is non-custodial utilizing LunaFi’s smart contracts and liquidity pools to ensure trustless payouts, meaning there is an immediate settlement made by the smart contract to the winning party, removing all counterparty risk. End users can utilize Lunabets to place bets in the knowledge that their wager is not only guaranteed to pay out from our liquidity pools and smart contract, but is odds optimized and oracle confirmed, if they win.
Users may use the Lunabets dApp to place bets in a peerless way using liquidity pools known as “house pools”. This has the benefit of not requiring a counterparty to match the bet. Users can also benefit from $LFI rewards which can be claimed from LunaFi. The house pools will serve as a community of investors where liquidity provided entitles you to a share of platform revenues. The treasury contract claims 1.5% of the turnover on all activity on the platform which it then converts via DEX’s into $LFI to distribute and burn (after running costs).
Initial focus will be on our Lunabets sportsbook, followed by our online casino. Odds are calculated using a transparent pricing oracle, with results aggregated from multiple decentralized oracles to prevent manipulation and ensure accuracy. If you just want to bet, and get a guaranteed pay out if you win, head to Lunabets!
Сyber Security Audit reports - Hacken
Check out our Audit from leading cybersecurity experts Hacken! (Scoring 9.3/10!)

Future Products

In the future, LunaFi aims to become host to many exciting DeFi-powered gambling and gaming products, both as a result of partnerships and collaborations with third-party businesses and developers, and of our own efforts in extending the LunaFi ecosystem.
For further reading on LunaFi’s upcoming product suite, please review our roadmap.
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