Airdrop 27th April 2023 (CLAIM NOW)

The GambleFi Airdrop of 2023
Season 1- Claim now on housebets.io
The first season of our airdrop campaign rewards the gambling degens who have deposited (from a unique wallet) to the brands shown in the image above. We have captured over 250,000 individual wallets, with most deposits going to off-chain cryptos, sportsbooks & casinos. The snapshot was taken on 31st March 2023. Check the qualifying wallets of the companies shown above here.
Claimable airdrops will be from $50 to $5,000 (25,000-500,000) LFI.
What are the variables we have used to calculate Season 1?
  • Housebets.io activity
  • Number of Deposits on competitor sites
  • The sum of Deposits $USD
  • Avg Deposit $USD
  • Wallet Value $
  • ETH Transaction QTY
  • Overlap with top NFT projects
    • Tier 1: BAYC/Punks/Top Tier ABs
    • Tier 2: Azuki, Doodles, CloneX, Moonbirds, Cool Cats, MAYC, Creepz
    • Tier 3: All other projects in the top 50 volume over the past four months
  • A Polygon user?
  • Last date of ETH transaction
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